Call Center Software

SPM Call Center Software

Our CALL CENTER SOFTWARE is the most complete solution for automatic calls distribution platform which manages a high volume of calls to ensure first call resolution and delivers consistently the best customer experience. This software is the first and only platform unifying call center’s collaborative features such as omnichannel, customer analytics, artificial intelligence, and workforce engagement all build on a unified cloud infrastructure.

All data in the cloud is protected under the policy of compliance with the  general data protection regulation (GDPR) an industry standards including HIPAA and PHI.

Automatic Contact Distributor

Interactive Voice Response

Interaction Channels

Proactive Outbound

My Agent eXperience – MAX

Workforce Intelligence

Partner AI Chatbots

Workforce Management

Quality Management

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Performance Management

Omnichannel Analytics

Security & Reliability

CRM Integrations

UCaaS Integrations

Developer Ecosystem


Voice as a Service


Secured and HIPAA Compliance encrypted data

Why SPM Connect?

In a world where consumers are becoming more demanding with their time and requests, and business competition increases, SPM Connect offers you the best collaborative communication services strategy to manage business challenges. No matter the sector in which you operate, our solutions will benefit you in acquiring more sales and keeping existing clients. If you want your business to be successful, bet on increasing customer service, providing a positive experience.


Services functionality is delivering faster to a production environment in a matter of days, not weeks!


Services are created by best in breed technology Partners, and best practice focus on Business.

Flexible Pay

Pay as you use to better alignment with customer’s budget constraints. Cost flexible and effective.

Accessible Services

From anywhere, at any time, whenever you need regardless of the geographic location.


Adapt to any customer’s demands for a specific target community or multiple communities’ needs.


Ensure dual authentication/encryption at the end-user and data level while meeting all Healthcare compliance at the local and Federal Government Regulations.