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How SPM CONNECT Can Help your business Readiness and Preparedness Plan for Employees wellbeing and Safety Workplace.

Since 2020 we have seen a new norm of great uncertainty, including heightened anxiety about safety and security. Whether working in person or virtually, employees are experiencing increased levels of stress due to isolation, fatigue, and constant disruption to their personal and professional obligations.

Unfortunately, these stressors can translate into challenging interactions between coworkers, families, communities, and even society.

Such concerns have left many people wondering how their companies are addressing safety and significant economic loses.

In a survey conducted by an International Consulting firm about how worry are the employees regarding their organizations’ commitment to safety. Here is what they found:

  • External events have intervened to cause pervasive uncertainty and distrust of leadership and institutions regarding safety.
  • Substantial percentages of many adults and teens are not sure whether those in a position of authority are responding sufficiently to potential threats.
  • At least half of survey respondents reported little to no confidence that safety is a priority, training for emergency situations is sufficient, planning has been carefully thought through, or communication is adequate within their workplaces.


Nearly half (46% surveyed) believe such an event could prevent them from achieving the fulfillment of their life goals in either education or career; this is more acutely felt.

3 in 5

Says either they or someone close to them are very (19%) or somewhat (40%) likely to “encounter a violent critical incident, experience self-harm, or contract Covid-19 or other communicable diseases”.


Said they feel less safe about their workplace than they did 6 months ago.

Another market segment, for instance, the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on healthcare organizations.

From patients deferring care to curtailed office hours and temporary closures to lost revenue and reimbursements, providers are reeling from the impact of the virus.

Now, they are trying to recover and figure out how to climb back to pre-COVID levels of operation and revenue.

Add to that the fact that patients’ communication preferences have changed during COVID while no shows and late cancellations continue to plague providers, and it is
plain to see that the current appointment workflow is not working. In the last couple of years there has been a growing communication gap between patients and their
providers of healthcare leaders said safety was patients’ top reason

  • Patient satisfaction with healthcare communication fell 7%.
  • Patients’ desire for phone calls dropped 14%.
  • 79% of patients want to receive text messages from their provider.
  • 73% of patients want to be able to send texts to their provider.


Explore strategies to prioritize and preserve your workers’ emotional, physical, and mental well-being as we continue to fight new waves of the pandemic SPM CONNECT Secure Messenger service.
Uncover ways to reduce communication gaps through family engagement and communication best practices SPM CONNECT Contact Center, Omnichannel, Appointments, video Conferencing, Web Chats, Push Notification, and more.
Identify opportunities to improve awareness, education, and employees/patients monitoring through the rollout, distribution, and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. SPM CONNECT BE-SAFE Services

Therefore, the SMP CONNECT Business Consulting team in combination with our collaborative technology solution will enable employers of all type of industries to improve their readiness plan for returning to the workplace.

Where Do We Go from Here?

The good news is that you can begin taking immediate steps toward building a holistic culture of physical, social, and emotional safety.

Communicate your efforts to keep your work environment safe. Share information about new security initiatives with employees, including efforts to conduct regular risk assessments as well as measures to prevent workplace violence through resources that support mental and emotional wellbeing.

This is how SPM CONNECT workplace readiness plan and solutions will boost employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity during and after any pandemic.